Four Levels of Support

So your friend has started a business?


So your friend has started a small business or joined a network marketing company. They have likely asked you to support them, and you want to, but not quite sure how in a way that will both help them and make you comfortable. 

Well have no fear, I’ve come up with four ways that you can be an asset to your friend. I call them, the Four Levels of Support.


This is someone who is slight positive at best, sees your biz as “oh that’s cool”. They may not have an overwhelming need for your product/service, for whatever reason. (Ex: I’m a guy so I don’t see myself buying women’s products, except maybe as a one off gift) Most importantly, they aren’t saying anything negative to, or about, you for pursuing your goals. However, if you stick to your guns and don’t quit, they could become a….


Now, this is someone who really wants to see you succeed​, always asks about your business and it’s progress. They are always rooting for you, and may buy something from time to time. A fan will not let others bad mouth you, and even though they may not make you rich, these people are the most important to have around, their encouraging attitude can pick you up on a down day and remind you of why you do what you do. Eventually they may even become a……
Loyal Customer

While these people may not want to make money with you, they know your product/service is so good they can’t see themselves without it. Business wise, these are important to have around because they literally make up your bottom line. Customers are the very people that legitimize your business and put money in your pocket. In a traditional business we know that the are your life blood. I learned a long time ago that a good network marketer has 5 customers to every business partner. Sometimes, your very best customers can become your….

Running Partners

This is he friend who, yes, wants to support you, but also wants to win with you. This is usually for their own reasons, goals, dreams, etc. These are the people that will keep things moving with or without you, as well as some of the easiest people to work with business wise, because as far they’re concerned, they’re in business for themselves and you’re helping them get what they want.

At one time or another we have been one of these for our friends or even a stranger, these are thoughts and observations from years of being around network marketing from the outside looking in, and as an active participant. In my opinion, as long as you remain positive, don’t be weird, and just be a friend to your friend, there will be a seat at the table for you when they win.

Thoughts? Anything you want to add, comment below!!